We are a design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico, founded in early 2013. We operate under the belief that “design can change the world”, a premise we do not take lightly as we seek to integrate design in all aspects of life. Our purpose is to create innovative and deeply conceptual user centered solutions that positively influence our communities, partners and clients through high impact design.


As a multidisciplinary team of passionate designers, we love new challenges and concentrating our efforts on producing results of the highest international caliber. We see design as an integrated and holistic approach to problem solving to help companies, markets and communities.

While our holistic process has enabled us to collaborate with founders and companies to create new ventures in a co-creative environment, we also offer targeted design services that include the following categories:

- Product - Industrial design and product development of highly functional, aesthetic and innovative objects. From fashion accessories and sneakers to futuristic gaming consoles and smart watches, our product design team is eager to design the next big thing.

- Furniture - Products are an extension of ourselves and our lives. Furniture pieces are essential to our daily activities which is why we are so fond of generating anything that improves our quality of life and everyday experiences, from a simple seat to an active office system.

- Interior - We combine our graphic, product and architecture skills to generate exciting and thrilling spaces that appeal to our senses.

- Brand - Create timeless and emotional brands through powerful concepts, accurate visuals and storytelling.

- Automotive - Coming soon.

- Digital - Where design transcends the physical into the digital. The interaction between both worlds and users is our main focus, to provide intuitive and memorable user experiences that push us towards the future.


SHIFT'S work has been featured in international renowned magazines, blogs and websites.
  • -Domus
  • -Architizer
  • -Mexico Design
  • -Blancopop
  • -Interior Design
  • -Inhabitat
  • -Folio
  • -Core 77
  • -Industrial Design Served
  • -Stilo
  • -Design-Milk
  • -The Contemporist
  • -Coolhuntermx
  • -Many others


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Ricardo Covarrubias 3241-A Estadio 64830 Monterrey, Nuevo León, México